A butterfly in Croatia

Last summer I went for a walk in the hills north of Seget Vranjica (not fra from Trogir). Among oliv trees and grape trees I spotted a beautiful butterfly following the same path as me. I was carrying my camera and after following the butterfly for some minutes I managed to take a couple of pictures of it. Here they are:


Churches in Trogir


There are several churches in Trogir and from the top of the fortress Kamerlengo in the southern part of the town (see map of Trogir) you may have a beautiful view over Trogir and its churches.

On the picture above you see the Church of St. Dominic with the grey roof on its tower. Further away to the left we see the tower of the Church of St. Peter. It is hard to see due to the large tower of the St. Lovro (St. Lawrence) cathedral rising behind it. To the right we also see a part of the Monastery of St. Nikola.

All though several churches and towers can be seen on the picture above, there are more of them in Trogir.

Streets of Trogir

Some days ago I wrote a post about the “narrow streets of Trogir” showing a couple of pictures from the old part of the town. Today I found a film on youtube showing.. yes; “Streets of Trogir”.

On aholidayincroatia you may see more Trogir pictures.

Trogir fortress

Trogir is known for its many buildings and remains. One of the most famous structures is the Fortress Kamerlengo. The Fortress is situated at the west end of Trogir islet. This fortress was built by Venetians more than 600 years ago and its main purpose was to house the navy forces in this part of the Adriatic Sea.


If you are visiting Trogir the Fortress Kamerlengo can offer varius cultural events, and needless to say; a beautiful view over the town and the sea when you reach the higher levels of the fortress. There is also a multimedia center in the fortress.


The narrow streets of Trogir

The old town og Trogir is situated on a small island between the main land and the island Ciovo. Buildings of stone rise on both sides of the narrow streets. Trogir is intimate, idyllic and take you back to days when no one could imagine that man later would invent vehicle that would make such streets rare.


A tourist takes a break in Trogir and meets some of the local cats. On warm days you may find shaddow in the streets of Trogir.


Trogir and UNESCO

In 1997 the World Heritage Committee inscribed 46 new sites on World Heritage List. Trogir was one of  them.

The Committee concluded that Trogir is “an excellent example of a medieval town built on and conforming with the layout of a Hellenistic and Roman city that has conserved its urban fabric to an exceptional degree and with the minimum of modern interventions, in which the trajectory of social and cultural development is clearly visible in every aspect of the townscape”.

markus 460

Trogir do indeed offer many fine public and domestic buildings and fortifications. The constructions are also easily accessible for the tourists and you may also visit the Romanesque churches and buildings from the Venetian period.

camerlengo view

Trogir is more than a warm place in the sun in the summer. Trogir is a cultural town offering the visitors knowledge and experiences far beyond what you can expect on your holiday.

Visiting Trogir in October

The tourist season in Croatia ends during September. Still some travel agencies and airlines can offer trips to Croatia in October. So, what can you expect of Croatia in fall?


You may have warm and calm days in October, but the average temperature may be somewhere between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius. For some people this is perfect, while others prefer warmer temperatures on their holiday. In fall you may have days with absolutely no wind, but you can also have days when hotel employees are running around in the outdoor areas to rescue chairs and tables from strong winds. If you are in the town, you can hardly feel the wind.


Trogir is much more quiet and peaceful in fall. It seems like the busy tourist magnet is taking a rest after the summer. October offers a lot of space for those who wants to walk around to see all the cultural and historical monuments Trogir has to offer. Best of all; ariplain tickets are much cheaper in fall than in the tourist season. The pictures on this post were all taken in October.